Shrink and Pallet Wrapping Machines in Sydney Shrink and Stretch Packaging Specialists
Shrink and Pallet Wrapping Machines in Sydney

Type available: BGY & BE
Gauges: 13-15-19-25um
5 layer polyolefin film with high shrinkage at low temperature, fast sealing and with excellent optical properties. High performance, high productive and especially effective on irregular shaped products. Works well on a wide range of equipment. 


Thin Technology
Type available: BTT
Gauges: 9-12um
Ideally suited for applications where high speed packaging equipment is running. Exceptional shrink characteristics on irregular shaped objects. High shrink at low temperature with excellent optics and appearance.


Soft Shrink Film
Type available: BRN
Gauges: 15um
Designed for soft and flexible items such as stationery and textiles. Superior gloss and high clarity characteristics for retail appeal. 


Anti-Fog Films
Type available: BFF
Gauges: 13-15-19um
A crosslinked film with antifog properties, excellent recovery properties and impact resistance. BFF is ideal to optimize product presentation for produce, fruits, and trayed products such as cheese, processed meat, poultry and fish. 


Type available: BFP
Gauges: 13-15um
Micro-perforations for optimum transmission rate. Designed for form seal flowpack type machines. High breathing rate needed for bakery and pastries.