Shrink and Pallet Wrapping Machines in Sydney Shrink and Stretch Packaging Specialists
Shrink and Pallet Wrapping Machines in Sydney



Australian Wrapping Company stock a wide range of quality shrink wrap film for all applications.


LDPE Shrink films, Pallet Wrap, Top Sheets, Polyolefin shrink films, PVC shrink films, Tamper Seals and Shrink sleeves and BOPP films cut to size.



Bollore Polyolefin "A grade" shrink film is used worldwide on all packaging systems from manual sealers to fully automatic hi-speed shrink systems. It's properties produce excellent optics and shrink capabilities. Available in different grades to suit all applications.

Polyethylene Shrink Films

LDPE & HDPE bundle wrap films for all shrink applications such as bottles, jars and bulk items through shrink packaging systems. Sheet films and pallet bags also available for wrapping large items for transportation. Heatshrink gas gun's also available.

Pallet Wrap stretch film

Hand pallet Stretch film and Machine pallet Stretch film is available in various grades and thickness. Clear and Black films ex stock and pallet top sheet covers for transportation and storage. Pallet wrap to suit all applications and machine pre-stretch systems.

BOPP Films

Australian Wrapping Company specialise in BOPP films available ex stock or cut to size. Small runs also available. Our range includes Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film, Cast film, PVDC coated and Metalized grades.

PVC Shrink Films

Ideal for Heatgun applications such as hampers, gift packs and retail use for repacking soiled or promo packs. PVC Film is available in various widths and thickness.

Shrink Sleeves and Tamper seals

Plain and printed sleeves for company profiles and logos. Shrink Sleeves for promo and bundling applications. Tamper seals for pharmaceutical and medical applications.