Shrink and Pallet Wrapping Machines in Sydney Shrink and Stretch Packaging Specialists
Shrink and Pallet Wrapping Machines in Sydney


The range of Continuous Band Sealers are an efficient method of sealing bags quickly. Excellent for a wide range of products and industries. 

 Advantages & Features:

shrink packaging
shrink packagingVertical and Horizontal operation
shrink films0-12 mtrs / minute 
pallet wrappingSuitable for PVC, Polypropylene and Poly films
shrink packaging240V x 10 amps (standard plug)
shrink packagingBench mounted 
shrink filmsStrong & durable
pallet wrappersVariable speed  Horizontal Band Sealer
shrink filmsAdjustable conveyor belt  
1 easy step:
shrink wrappingPlace product onto conveyor belt, the conveyor will automatically transfer the bag through the seal process.

shrink films

stretch packaging
Vertical Band Sealer


pallet wrappers PDF brochure and specifications